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My name is Joost – I am an engineer and this is my digital garden where I write sometimes about things that interest me. Also I keep lists of books I have read 📚 and things and tools that I use 🔧.

I am completely into drums 🥁 and espresso ☕.

Async Pandas

Pandas is great for Python because it offers efficient data manipulation and analysis capabilities, leveraging the speed of the underlying NumPy library. How does it behave with asyncio since I could not find much about it. Have an enourmnes dataset call an API with a throughput of 10call at once. The simple example pandas.DataFrame consists of 100 rows of lorem text: import lorem import pandas as pd df = pd.DataFrame({"Text": [lorem....

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Local Spark

How to install Spark locally? -> You don’t! You can find easy guides for sure, they will still guide you through a forrest of opaque steps: installing Java, Scala, downloading and installing Spark, setting environmental variables and paths. Then to find out you have the wrong versions. Have fun good luck! Kubernetes in production? Kubernetes locally! The closer you can develop to your production environment the better; In 2024 you run Spark on Kubernetes?...

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Row-Level Security with SQLAlchemy

With Row Level security (RLS) you manage the access control at the row level within a database instead of the application. Row-Level Security allows you to define policies that determine which rows of data a particular user or role can access within a given table. Postgres Tables For this demonstration we create a simple setup with a User table and a Item table using SQLAlchemy 2.0: from sqlalchemy import Column, ForeignKey, Integer, String, create_engine, text from sqlalchemy....

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Obfuscate Python

this post is under construction – I have the approaches here but need some time to also share the experience… How to obscure some Python code from anyone running the code? I am no expert here but I have tried a few things and will give my steps and recommendations here. Have a main.py with a simple helloworld FastAPI in this case. There is also an /error endpoint to see how much source code is returned in the logs....

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Limit Concurrency in AsyncIO

You can run multiple async tasks simultaneously in Python using the asyncio native library. This allows you to create and manage asynchronous tasks, such as coroutines, and run them concurrently. Let’s have the following async method, that counts to the length of the given name and returns the name. import asyncio from typing import Awaitable async def count_word(name: str) -> Awaitable[str]: if len(name) > 8: raise ValueError(f"{name} is too long...") for ii in range(len(name)): print(name, ii) await asyncio....

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