Basic Introduction HISTORY, code, etc reference to basics focus on administration optimization This is not meant to be a SQL tutorial but to cover all the basics, administration things and optimization solutions. Check the current version: $ SELECT version(); PostgreSQL 11.9 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (Debian 8.3.0-6) 8.3.0, 64-bit TOPICS: Replication and High-availability Replication is the process of copying data from one to another dabase server for replication. When the master server fails, one of the replicators take over....

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User Management the following definitions: roles; a user of a group of users. role attributes; With roles, privileges and restriction privileges and restrictions can be set on the level of Databases, Tables and Columns. common attributes assigned to users: SUPERUSER: roles with this attribute can create another SUPERUSER. Since roles with this attribute bypass all permission checks, grant this privilege judiciously. CREATEDB: Allows the role to create databases. CREATEROLE: with this attribitute, the role can create other roles....

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Infrastructure as Code with Terraform Instead of a manual process to setup and configure our technology stack, we want to automate this proces through software. Hashicorps’ Terraform (2014) enables a declarative (vs. imperative/procedural) approach to Infrastructure as Code. Although it is claimed to be cloud agnostic, Terraform is certainly not. The configuration will depend strongly on the naming and organization of the specific provider. But we can make at least the top-level infrastructure more cloud-agnostic by using the following two-level approach:...

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Implement PostgREST, a standalone web server that turns your PostgreSQL database directly into a RESTful API.

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Docker best practices

Security Main points from this article by Gianluca Brindisi on Docker security: no secrets in environmental variables don’t trust all base images -> use DockerHub base images don’t use latest tag because unpredictable avoid curl bashing because unpredictable avoid upgrading packages because unpredictable don’t ROOT or SUDO Dockerfile - best practices Hexops describes some security best practices for Dockerfile As a start, take the demo Dockerfile from slimsag.

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